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Miss Utility Awards


Miss Utility is proud to announce the winners of the 14th Annual Locator Achievement Awards. For the past 14 years, these awards have honored the outstanding individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the underground infrastructure of Maryland and Washington, D.C., remains damage free. The locators recognized by the Locator Achievement Awards do their best to keep the public safe through their contributions to damage prevention by locating accurately and performing at the highest levels of safety in all elements of their profession.

The Miss Utility of Maryland/D.C. Damage Prevention Committee established the Locator Achievement Awards program to recognize locators who have zero at-fault damages and exemplify outstanding safety practices for an entire calendar year. The criteria for individuals to be eligible for the Locator Achievement Awards include:

  • Locator must have performed facility/utility location services as his/her FULL-TIME job from 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2016 AND must have responded to at least 1,500 locate requests during that time.
  • Locator must have been employed by the nominating organization for at least 12 months at the time the nomination is submitted.
  • Locator must have ZERO “at fault” damages for the period of 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2016.
  • Locator must have ZERO safety violations within his/her respective organization.
  • Locator must establish proactive working relationships in damage prevention.

Sixty-nine locators were recognized during a ceremony at Prince George's Stadium in Bowie on Friday, May 19, 2017. The 2016 Locator Achievement Award Winners are:

Adam Dove, Anne Arundel County DPW
Avery Smalls, UtiliQuest
Brian Wood, Charles County DPW/Utilities
Carlos Mendoza , Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Cesar Mendoza, Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Charles Campbell, USIC
Charles Christie, UtiliQuest
Charles Durnin, USIC
Charlie Russell, Pro Comm ELS, LLC
Chauncey Clifton, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
Chaz Osbourn, UtiliQuest
Chris Brown, USIC
Chris Herman, USIC
Chris Leuschner, USIC
Chris Pomraning, USIC
Christian Macknowitz, UtiliQuest
Craig Strock, Cecil County DPW Wastewater
Dantavius Keating, UtiliQuest
Darrell McCain, USIC
Darryl Bradburn, Charles County DPW/Utilities
David Reyes, USIC
Dawn Groft, UtiliQuest
Derrick Simpson, UtiliQuest
Donald Schober, Cecil County DPW Wastewater
Ed Spriggs, SMECO
Edwin Torovelez, USIC
Gary Bates, USIC
George Pletzer, USIC
Gerald Roedel, USIC
Herman Wilson, UtiliQuest
Jamel Peoples, USIC
Jeff Godissart, SMECO
Jermaine Street, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
John Clements, Williams Gas
John Crider, USIC
John Curtin, Pro Comm ELS, LLC
John Flohr, USIC
John Knight, UtiliQuest
John Lazik, UtiliQuest
John Roebuck, Williams Gas
John Wisner, UtiliQuest
Jon Nerlinger, Cecil County DPW Wastewater
Kelly McManaway, UtiliQuest
Kelvin Sorrell, UtiliQuest
Leonard Wathen, SMECO
Mark Thomas, UtiliQuest
Matthew Rahe, UtiliQuest
Michael Thomas, UtiliQuest
Michael Werner, UtiliQuest
Mike Figgins, UtiliQuest
Milton Jenkins, Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Nicholas Miles, USIC
Patrick Seamster, Columbia Gas of MD
Polly Weber, Elkton Gas
Quinn Reaves, USIC
Reggie McPherson, UtiliQuest
Rico Pereira, UtiliQuest
Robert Nelson, UtiliQuest
Robert Smith, UtiliQuest
Rodney Brown, One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc.
Sam Wallingsford, UtiliQuest
Scott Lindenburger, USIC
Scott Roberts, City of Aberdeen
Thomas Carney, UtiliQuest
Thurman Posey, SMECO
Tiango Purdie, UtiliQuest
Tim Healey, Williams Gas
Tom Carroll, UtiliQuest
Wayne Sargent, City of Aberdeen

“On behalf of the Locator Achievement Awards Committee, I’d like to congratulate all locators recognized this year on their outstanding achievements and dedication to damage prevention,” said Awards Committee Chairman Kevin Woolbright. “It is truly remarkable to see more and more individuals receive this award each year, and we thank all honorees for doing their absolute best to keep communities across our region safe.”

Congratulations to all 14th Annual Locator Achievement Awards winners! To view photos from the event, please click here.

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