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The Maryland section of this website will provide you with important information about the following:

State Law: The new Law was signed by the Governor on May 20, 2010. It was the culmination of a nearly four-year process managed by the Title XII Steering Committee which  comprised of representatives from a wide array of stakeholder groups, all with the common goal of bringing Maryland’s damage prevention law into compliance with the 2006 federal PIPES Act and its “nine key elements” for an effective damage prevention program. This Steering Committee met a total of 65 times during this span, all at the Miss Utility Center in Hanover, MD.

Ticket Check®: Law passed in May 2001 requires that all owner-members of underground facilities in the state of Maryland to provide a positive response to excavators and homeowners via Ticket Check®. [more...]

Time between locate requests and site marking: Everyone digging in Maryland must give notice at least 2 full business days prior to the day they plan to start work. The day of the call is not counted as one of these days.

Ticket life: 12 business days after the day on which the ticket is transmitted by Miss Utility to the owner-members.

No mechanized equipment zone: Within 18 inches of the outermost surface of the underground facility/utility line.  

Penalties for violating the Miss Utility Law: There is a Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority that has been established to enforce the Miss Utility Law.

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