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Before you dig, every dig. It's the law. 1.800.257.7777


Call Miss Utility of Delmarva at 800-282-8555 or 800-441-8355

In the Delmarva service area, Miss Utility will begin using mapping software for enhanced utility member notification effective August 11, 2005. We encourage everyone to continue providing the ADC map-page number and grid to the CSR. This key information is one of the available tools that can drive the CSR to your dig site in the digital mapping system.

The Delaware section of this website will provide you with the necessary state laws and excavation principles as they relate to the state of Delaware.

Follow the links to your left to view important information as well as to access the Utility Service Protection Center of Delmarva.

Ticket Check®: In advance of legislation, the Board of Directors of USPCD has agreed to participate in the Miss Utility Ticket Check® System. The system went online in Delaware on September 4, 2007. All utilities in the state of Delaware are required to provide a positive response to all locate requests, excluding Designer and Meeting tickets. [more...]

Overview of Delaware Legislation:

Time between locate requests and site marking: Excavators in Delaware are to give notice two (2) full working days prior to the day they plan to start work. The day of the call is not counted as one of these days.

Ticket life: 10 business days after the call date

Required hand-digging distance: 24 inches

Penalties for violating the Miss Utility laws: Actual repair costs and civil penalties up to $2,500 per violation as well as up to three times the actual repair cost of the damaged utilities, plus punitive damages up to $10,000 per incident.

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