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Before you dig, every dig. It's the law. 1.800.257.7777

Call Center Information

Frequently Asked Questions about Miss Utility

  1. Q: What is Miss Utility?
    A: Miss Utility is a one-call notification center that notifies subscribing underground facility owner-members of your proposed excavation plans. We process locate requests for MD, DE, and DC.
  2. Q: Who should call Miss Utility?
    A: ANYONE, including home owners and excavators, planning to dig or alter the surface of the ground.
  3. Q: How much does it cost to use the Miss Utility service?
    A: Miss Utility is a FREE service provided by the owner-member utility companies. Some municipalities and the Maryland Department of Transportation may charge to mark their utility lines; the Miss Utility customer service representative will notify you of these owner-members at the time of your call or Internet request.
  4. Q: Why should you call Miss Utility?
    A: First and foremost, IT'S THE LAW! By calling Miss Utility, and allowing ample time for markings, you will be able to excavate safely without endangering the lives of you or anyone working with you.
  5. Q: I'm only digging a couple of inches; do I still need to call Miss Utility?
    A: YES, you do! Anytime you alter the surface of the ground, it is considered excavation; this includes but is not limited to: driving pins, rods, and fence posts in the ground.
  6. Q: When can I dig?
    A: Each state has its own set of laws that identify the time by which the underground facilities should be marked. You should never dig unless you see evidence that the owner-members have marked or cleared your ticket.

    DELAWARE: Everyone in Delaware must give notice two (2) full working days prior to the day they plan to start work and have contacted the Delaware Ticket Check System.  The day of the call is not counted as one of these days.

    MARYLAND: Everyone in Maryland must give two (2) full business days prior to the day they plan to work and have contacted the Maryland Ticket Check System.

    WASHINGTON D.C.: 2 Business Days from the time the locate markings are requested.
  7. Q: How will I know where the underground facilities are located at my excavation site?
    A: If there are underground utilities near your excavation site, they will be marked on the ground with paint and/or flags. In the states of Delaware or Maryland, call the Ticket Check System to retrieve the status of your locate request at (866) 821.4226 or click here to search your locate request.
    • In Washington D.C., some owner-members use the Ticket Check System and others provide their own positive response. Owner-members not using Ticket Check will notify you if the area is clear/no conflict or the marked utility lines will serve as the owner-member’s response.

  8. Q: What does the color of each mark represent?


    WHITE - Proposed Excavation  

    PMS 806˜

    PINK - Temporary Survey Markings

    PMS 1795˜

    RED - Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit and Lighting Cables

    PMS 108

    YELLOW - Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials

    PMS 144˜

    ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit

    13.5 parts process, 2.5 parts reflex

    BLUE - Potable Water

    PMS 253

    PURPLE - Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines

    PMS 3415

    GREEN - Sewers and Drain Lines

  10. Q: Who visits my excavation site and marks the underground utilities?
    A: The individual owner-members are responsible for marking their underground lines. Some owner-members contract the work to underground utility locating companies.
  11. Q: Does Miss Utility accept locate requests for design and planning purposes?
    A: Delaware and Maryland accept locate requests for design and planning purposes.  Washington, D.C. DOES NOT accept locate requests for design and planning purposes. For these types of requests, you must notify each facility owners engineering department.
  12. Q: What are Miss Utility's hours of operation?
    A: Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 5:00PM . EMERGENCY locate requests are taken 24/7. Miss Utility observes state holidays.
  13. Q: What map books does the  Miss Utility call center use to provide map, page and grid information to the owner-member utility companies?
    A: The Miss Utility call center uses Alexandria Drafting Company (ADC) map books in the counties where they are available. The center uses the ADC paper maps for Allegany and Garrett Counties. These maps are available at your local convenience store or by contacting ADC directly at www.adcmaps.com . For Somerset County , the center uses the Somerset County Roads Map (produced by ADC). This map is available by visiting the Somerset County Visitors Center or calling Somerset County at (410) 651-0320. Contact the center at 410-712-0082 for additional information or email a group leader.
  14. Q: As an owner-member utility company, what are the different types of tickets we can expect to receive from Miss Utility?
    A: Depending on the state where you operate, you could receive any one of the following tickets unless it is noted as state specific.
    STANDARD (does not appear on the ticket as a header)
    UPDATE (does not appear on the ticket as a header)
    MEETING (DE only)
    DESIGNER (DE & MD only)
  15. Q: Why don’t owner-members and locators provide the depth of the underground facilities?
    A: Owner-members have no control over depth variations caused by human interference, weather, or other circumstances after the original installation. As a result, locators will only mark the path of the underground utility lines, not the depth of them.
  16. Q: What will be different about the Delmarva calls now that mapping is in place?
    A: In order for us to digitally map an excavation site, the Call Center CSR's may be asking the excavator a few additional questions. For instance, how far from the intersection and in what direction is your excavation site? Or, are you digging on the north, south, east or west side of the road? Or, how far off the street is your excavation? These types of questions will enable our CSR's to better identify your dig site, so we can notify the utility members of your excavation. We appreciate your time and effort in providing the best possible information to our CSR's in order to minimize your time on the telephone, while improving efficiency in the call taking process.
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